You'll Be Surprised to Learn Which TikToker Has the Most Posts on TikTok

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Feb. 22 2021, Updated 5:46 p.m. ET

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When you think of any type of TikTok accomplishment, your mind more than likely associates it with big names like Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, Addison Rae, Avani Gregg, and Noah Beck. Makes total sense! These people are just some of the few who have made careers out of posting videos on TikTok and have even used the platform as a foundation to be successful in the entertainment industry — such as acting and modeling.

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So, when you ask yourself, "Who has the most posts on TikTok?" you'd probably just automatically assume that some of the Gen Z'ers above would take the cake on that. It isn't true though! And funny enough, none of them are even close to having the most videos on the viral app. At this point, your curiosity has for sure sparked. On that note, let us give you the intel about which TikTokers have been pushing out an insane  amount of content.

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Who has the most posts on TikTok? It's a creator by the name of GodZion.

No, we didn't personally take the time out of our day to investigate which TikToker (out of the millions) has the most posts on their account, but a professional social media tracker site did! Before we release the names of the people who have dedicated themselves to the TikTok game, cue the drumroll.

The user with the most posts is... GodZion with over 36,000 videos, according to Socialtracker. He has almost 60,000 followers and more than three million likes. He's known for his gaming posts.

It's not shocking that he takes the crown for most posts on TikTok, considering he puts out a plethora of videos just in one day. His profile is mostly just screen recordings of him playing video games, but here and there, he will post one of himself talking to the camera and responding to some of the questions his followers have for him.

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Though GodZion wins in this category, the runner-ups to him aren't too far from his gigantic number! Coming in second is the verified account @harrietfreestyle on TikTok aka Harriet Pavlou. She is a professional soccer player with over five million followers and just a little less than 7- million likes. You can find videos on her profile with her showcasing her impressive soccer skills. Harriet also has quite a following on Instagram too with more than 370,000 followers.

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The creator that takes third place is Litten x Isabelle on TikTok with almost 25,000 posts. Compared to the top two accounts, they have a much smaller following with only a little over 13,000 followers. Their content consists of making videos with stuffed toys that typically only get a couple hundred views.

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And the other top two accounts who took the fourth and fifth spot were An Old Agony on TikTok with 19,100 posts and over 200,000 followers on TikTok and Jerry Mayenschein with 17,400 posts and more than half a million followers. Look at the diversity!

This just goes to show that even if someone isn't incredibly famous with millions of followers on an app, they are totally capable of reaching heights and attaining big goals. Who would've thought that users who weren't exactly social media influencers would be the ones with the most videos on TikTok?! 

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