TikTok User Cloconut Is Trending on TikTok, and Some Users Want to Know Why


Dec. 13 2021, Published 3:58 p.m. ET

Thanks in large part to an aggressive algorithm, TikTok users can go viral even if they have a relatively small follower count. A single video can be viewed hundreds of thousands of times, even if the rest are only viewed a few thousand times. For TikTok user Cloconut that's exactly what happened, and it's left many wondering who she is and why she's trending on the platform.

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Who is Cloconut on TikTok?

Cloconut, whose real name is Chloe Poirer, is a 22-year-old who is best known for modeling on the platform. Many of Chloe's videos have only been viewed hundreds of times, but she has gone viral on several occasions, earning tens or even hundreds of thousands of views for some of her posts. In general, her TikTok account focuses on her life and also features her showing off her abs and figure.

Source: TikTok
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At this point, Chloe is still a relatively minor figure on TikTok, and has only amassed roughly 10,000 followers on the platform. It's possible, of course, that Chloe's profile will continue to rise into the future, furthering her influence and reach. For now, though, not much is known about her in part because she is still a relatively minor presence on TikTok.

Chloe is also on Instagram, although her follower count there is substantially lower on that platform than it is on TikTok. In some videos, Chloe has been open about her past struggles with starving herself, and she also posts about her workouts and reacts to videos from others as well. Chloe has had several videos go viral, but in general, her presence on TikTok is fairly typical of a medium-sized follower count.

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TikTok users gain followings in a wide variety of ways.

Chloe is typical of a TikTok user hoping to gain a massive following. She's had several videos go viral, and she posts regularly in order to show both her personality and her skills as a model. TikTok influencers often claim a particular niche corner of TikTok, but others have dominated in more popular circles (dancing, modeling, etc.) thanks to their skills and vibrant personalities.

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For now, Chloe is one of many hoping that TikTok can become more than just a part of her life. She doesn't have the follower count to support a full-time career on TikTok, but she may someday. For now, she's one of many regular posters who is slowly building a fanbase thanks to consistent posting.

Unfortunately, nothing is certain on social media. Some users take off and others don't, and that can't always be rationally explained. It's down to a combination of skill as a poster, the whims of the algorithm, and a healthy dose of luck. Chloe may find that her profile takes off like a rocket ship one day.

There's no guarantee that any particular video will go viral. Until one does, she may slowly gain followers, but Chloe is not guaranteed to become one of the platform's biggest stars.

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