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Source: Getty Images

Kristen Stewart Is Reportedly Taken, and No, She Isn't Dating Rob Pattinson


Kristen Stewart, indie film goddess and Twilight saga kween, has stolen quite a few hearts in her time — Rob Pattinson and Stella Maxwell are just a few names to date.

And although those past flings are merely water under the bridge at this point, it seems as though K-dawg is  — once again — taken. Sorry, boys and girls! So, who is Kristen Stewart dating? It's no sparkly vampire, per se, but they seem perfect for each other nonetheless.

Who is Kristen Stewart dating? She is reportedly with a screenwriter and actress.

Yep, Kristen is — once again — dating someone in showbiz. According to Yahoo! Entertainment, the Panic Room actress is reportedly dating screenwriter Dylan Meyer, and looking at Dylan's IMDB page, it appears that she has contributed to a number of relatively popular works. 

Her resumé boasts well-known titles like Loose Ends (2015), XOXO (2016), Miss 2059 (2017), and Rock Bottom (2019)... which is quite impressive, if you ask me.