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Fans Are Very Disappointed With the New Alexis on 'Dynasty'


Who is the new Alexis on Dynasty for 2019?

It’s no surprise that avid fans of the show are on the fence about the new Alexis Carrington, but there’s more to it than just their loyalty to Nicollette Sheridan as the baddie with the huge hat. 

After Nicollette left the show unexpectedly, the producers had a very unorthodox way of replacing her and Dynasty diehards are finding it just a tad unbelievable.

As of Nicolette's final episode in March, Alexis was pushed face-first into the fireplace by her son Adam (talk about a "heated" duel) causing severe burns. The burns were so bad that although Alexis survived, she needed some major reconstructive surgery. That same son that did this to her also decided that she should have a completely different face, none other than that of her own daughter Fallon.