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Source: ABC

See Kate Beckett's Complete Transformation Over 8 Seasons of 'Castle'


Over the course of eight seasons of Castle, we saw Kate Beckett, played by the inimitable Stana Katic, go from no-fuss homicide detective to finally letting her guard down and letting her partner and love of her life, Richard Castle (Nathan Filion), in. 

Her transformation was also physical, as we saw the homicide detective go from a cropped layered bob that screams NYPD to the long and wavy locks that became her signature look over the last few seasons of the show. Can you say hair goals? 

Even today, as Stana celebrates her 40th birthday 10 years after the premiere of the ABC drama, she is still our #WomanCrushEveryday. 

Keep scrolling to take a look back at Kate's complete transformation from Season 1 to now, in 2019: 

1. Season 1

Source: ABC

When we first meet Kate, she is leading the investigation into the murder of Allison Tisdale, which leads her to novelist Richard Castle since Allison's death is staged in the style of a death scene in his book, Flowers for Your Grave

It is also revealed in the first season that Kate's mom was stabbed to death when she was a teenager, but her murder had never been solved.