The Husband Behind the Viral "Who TF Did I Marry" Saga's Identity Was Exposed on TikTok

Reesa Teesa's ex-husband, Jerome McCoy, said she's telling her story on TikTok to cover up the "real reason I left you."

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Feb. 19 2024, Published 11:20 a.m. ET

By now, most of us know how powerful TikTok can be for someone trying to tell their story to millions of strangers. In addition to being used as an educational tool or a space to mindlessly scroll through life, some influencers are brave enough to tell their truth, even if the truth seems too insane to be true.

In February 2024, one TikTok creator, Reesa Teesa (@reesamteesa), bravely shared how her marriage to a man was riddled in what she often refers to as "the United Nations of red flags."

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During her series of 50 10-minute videos, titled, "Who TF did I marry," Reesa explained how her ex-husband completely lied to her for the entirety of their relationship. Unsurprisingly, those who tuned into the 4-day viral tale had plenty of questions, starting with who the man was who wreaked so much havoc on her life. Within a few days, TikTok sleuths uncovered Reesa's ex without her permission.

So, who is the husband behind the "Who TF did I marry" TikTok? We've got the scoop below!

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A TikToker exposed the "Who TF did I marry" husband without the OP's permission.

Reesa's TikTok story received millions of views in the span of four days. Although Reesa was candid in telling her story, she strategically didn't reveal her ex, Legion's identity. However, on Feb. 17, 2024, a TikTok user named Danni (@danni_19) revealed on her account that, through her investigative reporting, she found Legion.

According to Danni, several other users reached out to her in hopes she would expose Reesa's ex. Danni obliged and shared what was apparently the ex-husband's Facebook account. The name on the Facebook account was Jerome JC Rome McCoy. Danni said in her TikTok she believed the man was Legion due to his Philadelphia Eagles hoodie (Reesa said in her videos he was from Philly), and he had WWE merch, which she shared in chapter 37 of the story he left at her home when they separated, along with luxury watches.

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While Danni believed she found Legion, a.k.a Jerome, via Facebook, Reesa never confirmed it was him. Additionally, many TikTok commenters shamed Danni for exposing the man, with many stating they were OK with hearing Reesa's story and felt finding Jerome's alleged information went too far. Danni, however, said in a TikTok that exposing Legion was for the other people he allegedly betrayed, and not just Reesa. Soon after Danni's video, Jerome confirmed he was the man with the Facebook account by releasing his own TikTok in response to Reesa.

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In a TikTok video, Jerome stated Reesa was lying about everything she stated in her "Who TF did I marry" stories. He also claimed there was a "real reason I left you" that Reesa reportedly isn't telling her audience.

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Reesa Teesa warned her audience not to "engage" her ex-husband after his identity became public.

As Reesa said in her videos, she met her now ex-husband online in March 2020, right before the COVID-19 lockdowns occurred. When they started dating, Reesa believed her ex, who she refers to as "Legion" in her videos, was a regional manager for a condiment company who was promoted to VP during the relationship. He also told her he had previously played Arena football and earned money from his time playing.

The couple's relationship proliferated, as Reesa became pregnant soon after they had begun quarantining together, though she later miscarried. Reesa and Legion started looking for a house together, which is where the trouble began.

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The TikToker explained that, during their romance, she uncovered many lies Legion had told her, including how he failed to show proof of funds while they were attempting to put a down payment on a house. Legion also reportedly lied about buying Reesa a BMW and had significant discrepancies about his past with his ex-wife. Nonetheless, the couple were married in January 2021.

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After catching him in multiple lies, Reesa found out that Legion gave her a defunct social security number when they got married. She retrieved his real social when she needed it for her new job's background check. Through the new information, Reesa discovered her husband was a felon who had violated probation and was never the VP of the company he worked for. Her ex-husband's family also informed her they didn't have a relationship with him, though she believed they "talked" on the phone every day, but later found out that he was likely talking to himself the entire time.

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Legion also reportedly lied about the details of his first marriage, including telling Reesa his ex-wife's daughter had died, which the ex-wife confirmed to her wasn't true. Reesa later divorced Jerome and said she was using her story as a cautionary tale. In a TikTok live, she said he never intended for Jerome's identity to come out in the public eye and said she wished the creator who exposed him, Danni, would've given her a heads up before sharing his information so she could've gotten "some things in order" in her personal life.

Reesa also said that since Jerome/Legion's identity is out for the world to see, she hopes those interested in the story won't "engage" her ex for much longer. She explained her ex is "not well" and "antagonizing" him could go further than social media clout.

"If you're curious as to who he is, I get it," Reesa said on Feb. 19. "But please don't engage because the engagement can turn antagonizing, and this person is not well. So just don't. Don't antagonize."

Reesa shared in her live she hasn't spoken to Jerome since their divorce in 2022. She also said she hasn't found anything her ex told her during their relationship to be true.

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