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Source: twitter

People Are Shocked That OpTic Gaming Will Be No More


When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare first debuted, every gamer everywhere knew that they were playing a truly special title. The first-person shooter even managed to become popular in markets that historically wanted nothing to do with them, like Japan. The fast-paced, ridiculously fun and expertly crafted game was nothing short of a phenomenon that changed gaming forever and helped to popularize e-sports.

And one of the most popular outfits that continually ruled the roost at COD, OpTic Gaming, has announced that they're officially ending.


That's pretty much the response of gamers and spectators everywhere who heard the news. It just doesn't make any sense, considering the team's stalwart record. So...

Why is OpTic Gaming ending?

The Call of Duty World Championship finals took place August 14-18 and while many thought OpTic would take home the trophy, they ended up losing to 100 Thieves.