Wife Calls Mother-in-Law to See if She’ll Lie for Son — and Things Take Quite a Turn...

"His mother is a gaslighting harpy. She can't be trusted," a commenter said.

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Jun. 26 2024, Published 6:20 p.m. ET

Wife Proves Why She Doesn’t Trust Mother-In-Law
Source: TikTok | @nellesworld

The struggles between wives and their mothers-in-law have been chronicled throughout the ages, like the spellbinding 2005 film Monster in Law starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda.

But would a mother-in-law go out of their way to lie for their son if it meant helping him escape the ire of his significant other?

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A TikToker named Nelly (@nellesworld) found out the hard way that her husband Josh's mother had no problem lying for her son in a heartbeat. In a video that's accrued 10 million views (and is also titled "Monster in Law") that was uploaded to Nelly and Josh's couples-themed social media account, she learned firsthand her MIL can lie at the drop of a hat.

"Show my husband why I don't trust his mom," Nelly writes in a text overlay of her video, which begins with her sitting beside her husband inside of an idling truck as she waits with a smartphone in her hand. She looks down at the screen in what seems to be anticipation of her MIL picking up the phone while her hubby, Josh, watches as well.

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It doesn't take long before her MIL answers. This is how their conversation pans out:

Tina (the mother in law): Hello?

Nelly: Hi Tina.

Tina: Hi honey how are you?

Nelly: Good, umm, I'm just out right now and Josh isn't answering the phone he said he was at home with you with the kids.

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The TikToker gets right to it, putting her mother-in-law in a position to have to lie for her son. Which she does without hesitation.

Tina: Yeah.

Nelly: Can you put him on for me?

Tina: He's busy right now with the kids, he's in the pool. I mean I can't put him on. Stop being so needy, let the guy have some fun, he's swimming.

Wife Proves Why She Doesn’t Trust Mother-In-Law
Source: TikTok | @nellesworld
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After hearing his mom lie for him without hesitation, Josh begins silently celebrating while sitting in the car seat and stifling his laughter.

Nelly: OK but it's kind of important, can you just get him on the phone?

Tina: Oh come on baby it can't be that important, I'll tell him whatever you need me to tell him, or just wait until he gets home and you can talk to him.

Josh looks to the camera and mouths the words "Let's go" to the camera before his mother speaks again.

Tina: He's still down with the kids. They're gonna all cry and then they'll have to go up here, it's just gonna be crazy. You'll be all right, you'll be fine, give the guy a break.

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Nelly: Wow, all right, so I guess he's just swimming with the kids, you can't get him.

Tina: No, honey, he's swimming with the kids. Oh man I don't know what you don't get, just give him a break, you don't need him every minute of the day. Geez, I mean ... you'll be fine.

Wife Proves Why She Doesn’t Trust Mother-In-Law
Source: TikTok | @nellesworld
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Nelly: All right, well OK.

Tina: We'll see you when you get home, bye.

Nelly: All right, bye.

At this point, Josh gets the phone and hangs up and says "Let's go" to his wife, who asks, "Well then who's swimming with the kids right now," as the two of them laugh.

A number of folks who saw the video stated that they weren't entirely thrilled with the way Josh reacted to his mother's gung-ho, immediate willingness to lie for her child; in fact, a number of folks strongly suggested that Nelly reconsider her marriage.

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"Why is he so hyped? 🤢 Divorce him ASAP," one person penned.

"Why is she lying for him?? This is disgusting!! No girl, his and her reaction, major red flags," someone else remarked.

Someone else replied: "His reaction and enthusiasm is actually crazy!"

Wife Proves Why She Doesn’t Trust Mother-In-Law - TikTok
Source: TikTok | @nellesworld
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While another said that they became seriously sad after seeing the way Josh reacted to the phone call Nelly made to his mother: "I hope [you] paid attention your husband's reaction. I literally teared up for you."

A number of people who responded to the video also said that they thought this was indicative of his true personality: "Why is he acting like that? Gross. He’s telling on himself, babe."

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Wife Proves Why She Doesn’t Trust Mother-In-Law
Source: TikTok | @nellesworld

And then there were those who weren't happy with the fact that Nelly's mother-in-law called her needy when she gave her a ring and said that she needed to speak with her son: "Wooow she called you needy?"

Others thought that this kind of behavior is ultimately bad for a familial dynamic: "His reaction is so gross. His mother is a gaslighting harpy. She can't be trusted to provide you truthful information about your husband and more importantly your children while they're in her care."

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