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This Hack Will Let You Watch the 'Parks and Rec' Reunion Episode on Hulu



You better whip up some waffles, because a special Parks and Recreation episode is coming tomorrow (April 30) on NBC at 8:30 p.m. EST. Leslie Knope and the gang will be coming back for a special reunion that will show everyone meeting up over video chat  to "stay together in a time of social distancing." The episode is not only making our week, but it's also helping raise money for Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund. Of course Parks and Rec is helping save the world!

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Source: Instagram/NBC

One question, though: Will we be able to watch the Parks and Rec reunion on Hulu?

We non-cable owners need to know when (or if) the episode will be available on Hulu. Right now, people who have a regular Hulu membership can watch all seven seasons of Parks and Rec, but they *most likely* won't be able to watch the episode on Hulu right away. With many shows (like This Is Us, which is also on NBC), new episodes are normally available for streaming the following day. To watch the special episode real-time, you'll need to get Hulu with Live TV, which costs $54.99 per month. A bit steep, we know. 

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If you don't have access to cable and *really* want to watch the Parks and Rec special tomorrow night, you can always start a free trial of Hulu with Live TV or YouTube TV. You just have to remind yourself to cancel the service so you don't get charged a monthly fee. Yup, that's the hack! You are welcome. 

We can't wait to reunite with our favorite government employees who would no doubt be preaching the good word about social-distancing to everyone they knew. Let's be real, April and Andy would be happily role-playing and psyched to be away from the office, and Ron would most definitely be in his cabin eating a ton of grilled meat. We know Leslie would probably be as involved in her county's briefings as possible, urging citizens to stay the eff home – even if she had to do it through Zoom.

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