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This Dad Is Basically Ron Swanson — And Nick Offerman Agrees


There are all sorts of ways to be a good dad, from sweet and supportive to strong and silent. But Twitter user @Kane makes a strong case for "Asian Ron Swanson" as the best kind of dad. He might take you to an air reserve station instead of Disney World, but he will definitely make sure you know how to navigate without leaving a paper trail — or at the very least find your way out of IKEA without asking for directions. 

In honor of Father's Day, Kane shared a couple dozen of the ways his dad embodies the Parks and Recreation man's man. Even Ron Swanson himself, Nick Offerman, would agree Kane's pops is every bit like his fictional character and sounds like a pretty awesome dad. END OF SPEECH.

Source: Twitter

While Ron probably would not approve of Kane's dad's lack of mustache, this is not a contest about resembling like Ron Swanson. This is about embodying the spirit of a man who not only knows how to paddle his own canoe, but how to fell a tree, hollow it, and fashion an oar to paddle it, all with his bare hands.

We'll use a five-steak rating system to evaluate each anecdote's Swansonity.