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Source: Twitter

Hilarious Misunderstandings That Will Send Your Palm Into Your Face


Every once in a while, there is a misunderstanding so complete and baffling that you can't do anything but laugh at how ridiculous it is. These are those misunderstandings. 

From cake message errors to engraving mistakes to incidents involving the police and an umbrella that looked suspiciously like a human beings, these stories will make you giggle, facepalm, and be a little less embarrassed about all the stupid crap you do. 

Mariah Carey vs. Marie Curie

Source: Twitter

Look, both women have contributed invaluable things to our society, so I don't fault this woman's coworkers for getting it wrong. It's easy to mix the two of them up! 

Marie Curie has multiple Nobel Prizes; Mariah Carey has multiple Grammys. Marie Curie pioneered research on radioactivity; Mariah Carey was responsible for a lot of radio activity throughout the '90s (FM radio, that is). Even Mariah Carey herself is aware of the similarities.