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Source: Twitter

20 Tweets for People Who Are Feeling Their Age and Then Some


I turned 30 a few months ago, and I'm feeling it. I'm going to be 100 percent straight with you: at this very moment, I am sitting in such a weird position because I did something to my neck while sleeping, and I have to sit like this so I'm not in excruciating pain. This is what getting old is about.

When you're little, all you want to do is grow up and be an adult. But now that you're an adult, things you romanticized aren't that great. The grown-up table is a full-on snoozefest. Staying up past 10 feels like a true feat some days. And eating candy anytime you want is bad news. Being an adult is terrible, but at least these tweets prove we're not alone.

Source: Twitter

Not gonna lie, when I saw the top picture, I freaked! I was like, "WOW, what a beautiful full moon, and such a lovely shot from behind the tree branches!" I fell for it, folks. Me and my legally-blind-without-corrective-lenses eyes totally fell for it.