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25 Images That Show The Harsh Reality Of Being An Adult



Growing up isn't easy and if you think it is, just watch the terror in a potty-training toddler's eyes when they realize that they've been ignoring their internal warnings for two hours at the park and it's T-minus 15 seconds before their pants are goners.

And it seems like when we were all kids, all we could think about was how cool it is to be a grown-up. You get to stay up as late as you want and ride as many roller coasters as you want and drive your car whenever you want and not have to put up with anyone you didn't want to put up with.

And, while that's true for some people because they choose to live their lives that way, not everyone is so fortunate or makes that happen for themselves. Many of us are stuck facing the reality that growing up really isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

1. Discovering college degrees aren't golden tickets.

You got yourself in a mountain of debt. The jobs are out there. You're applying to all of them. Yet, you're still a barista. Help.

2. Love hurts.

Prince charming doesn't ride a white horse...maybe a 2007 white Honda Accord with the insurance in his mom's name but money isn't everything and apparently, neither is fidelity these days.

3. You're on your own.

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There were people and institutions "holding you back" but once all of those strings aren't attached you've got to keep yourself propped up all by your lonesome...good luck.

4. Everything costs money.

Seriously, everything. Especially if you have kids.

5. You catch yourself sighing at people who were once full of hope like you.

You fools, hope is for amateurs.

6. Trash day is a reality.

No one's taking it out for you anymore, so hop to it or things start to get stinky.

7. Same goes for folding that laundry.


Just do it while you're binge-watching Netflix.

8. Pro: no one's policing your dietary choices.

Con: no one's policing your dietary choices.

9. Your refrigerator kind of looks like that one super gross scene from 'Minority Report.'

10. Figuring out proper social etiquette is tough.

A clear age needs to be defined.

11. When you realize that school didn't really prepare you for life.

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It's almost like they want you to fail.

12. And companies are pretty much begging you to lie on your resume.

Then if you can get the job and they want to fire you, they always have that in their back pocket.

13. When you have to learn all new terminology.

But it makes the clothes smell nice!

14. As bad as things get, you know it can always get worse.

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So keep your chin up and live to see that even worse day.

15. Note: ages may slightly vary.

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16. When you're clearly at work for the paycheck and aren't interested in anything else.

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Hey you're an adult, feel free to be a party pooper.

17. Relationships. Relationships everywhere.

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Whatever, better to be single than in a whack one.

18. When you have no excuse for why you are the way you are.

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But you do the same thing every day anyway.

19. Some jobs feel like a prison sentence.

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But you can change that.

20. When you feel good about doing something responsible for a change.

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It's progress, right?

21. When it takes everything just to get out of bed and go on with your day.

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It only gets harder so you better learn to start having fun with it.

22. Just when you think things are OK.

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Bang, curveball.

23. Dentist visit, doctor's visit, it's all up to you.

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Have fun filling out all that info on the clipboard when you make it to the office, too.

24. But seriously, pat yourself on the back a few times.

Bonus points for keeping it consistent.

25. Even if you're trying to wiggle your way out of responsibilities at every turn.

You'll just have to suck it up through, you're an adult now. Doesn't mean you can't have fun though.

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