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Woman Creates "Maternity Shoot" for Her Thesis and Grads Everywhere Can Relate


Sarah Whelan Curtis put a lot of time and effort into finishing her PhD thesis and she wanted to make sure that she marked the momentous occasion the right way.

It seems like everyone has a Bachelor's degree these days. Undergrad feels like an extension of high school compared to the baby boomer generation, doesn't it? In '80s movies, college is made out to be a big deal and extremely difficult, but it doesn't really seem like that anymore,

I'm not the smartest guy out there and I was surrounded by friends who were even less academically gifted than I was, but we all managed to float through university with relative ease and that was while working multiple part-time jobs. Once we got to grad school, however, we noticed there was a shift in the work demands and that the same lax approach we had in pursuing our bachelor's degrees wouldn't cut it for a master's.

And even that grad school work pales in comparison to what my sister's currently undergoing in the pursuit of her medical degree. She's constantly either studying, writing, preparing some kind of presentation, or cutting up cadavers to get that sweet M.D. While med school is a bit different than other doctorate programs, the same high-level of grueling work applies to every field of study.

And of course, there's the thesis.