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Students Are Freaking Out Over All The Mistakes They Are Making At Finals Time


University students everywhere are in the home stretch. It's almost summer — all they need to do is hand in a few more projects, take a few more tests, and somehow survive all the mistakes they will inevitably make. Like, sending a picture of a sneezing cat to their teacher instead of the assignment, for instance.

It happens to everyone, which is why some colleges are going the extra mile for their students. And by extra mile we mean installing crying closets on campus so that students can relieve their stress in a tiny box in public. However, even stress-relieving puppies aren't enough to take away the anxiety-filled time in college known as finals week. 

Adding to the stress is also the tendency to wait until the last minute to submit an essay or study for a final. So, procrastination plus stress almost always equals mistakes that will slip through the cracks of your caffeine-fueled all nighter. Hopefully, you have an understanding professor who can laugh it off — and still give you a passing grade. 

A Twitter user named Elena Trueba shared her personal mistake that almost was: