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People Are Losing It Over A Student Who Accidentally Sent The Wrong File To A Teacher



We've all been there. After hours of proofreading and double-checking, you are ready to hit the send button on that all important email. And finally, after the email is on its way to its intended receiver, and you breathe a sigh of relief, it hits you — you attached the wrong file. And not just the resume you didn't update, or the first draft of that homework assignment. No, it is something truly embarrassing and there is no getting it back. So, you start mentally planning your funeral and frantically preparing that follow up email to explain to mix up — or if you have a sense of humor, you take a screenshot and post it on social media, because might as well go viral for your mistake, right?

A fella named Alex Sparrow alleges that he made the cardinal sin of all sleep deprived students everywhere, and sent his teacher the wrong attachment. It could have been any number of disastrous things, but it ended up being what looks like a photo of a cat sneezing? Not sure what that cat's face is doing, to be quite honest.


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Sparrow freaked out, naturally, but the Internet was enthralled. Would he get in trouble? Would the professor fail him? Is that cat okay?

He promised updates, and shared the group text thread where all his friends were freaking out over the cat mistake. The cat photo seems to be well-known:

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

But no answer came:


This is all wonderful news, except for the part where that's not his cat. Where is this famous cat??

People are absolutely delighted with the story and the mystery animal:

Except for the haters who think it's FAKE. Everything on the Internet is FAKE?!

I guess if you're a fun ruiner, it's good if you know it.

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