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Source: reddit

20 Visual Representations of Why Women Live Longer Than Men


Statistically, women live longer than men, with the average life expectancy of 81 years for women and 76 for men. There are certainly several factors outside of men's control for this — testosterone is said to contribute to higher risk of heart disease. But it also contributes to some poor decision-making that can lead to an early grave.

Several subreddits are committed solely to documenting the more idiotic feats and stunts humans pull, but the most straightforward in proving my point is one called WhyWomenLiveLonger. Here are a few examples of stunts that are significantly shortening mens' lifespans.

1. Be sure to wear a life jacket!

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If you're a weak swimmer or wading into choppy water with an undertow, it's important to have a floatation device. While this man's "plastic bottle belt" is certainly a cool solution if you're, say, trying to catch fish while stranded on a deserted island, I wouldn't recommend it for everyday swimming.