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Source: Twitter

12 Strange and Delightful Kid Birthday Themes


Themed birthday parties are a childhood rite of passage. You get to celebrate your special day with a celebration centered on your favorite obsession — what could be more fun? Typically, kids pick out themes based on their favorite movies, comic book heroes, or those universal childhood obsessions like dinosaurs, cowboys, and princesses. 

But some kids' interests are just a little bit more obscure, resulting in strange, hilarious, and slightly inappropriate party favors, costumes, and decor. 

Here are 12 outside-the-box birthdays borne out of some... let's call them niche interests.

1. Like this kid who wanted a party based on 'The Nun.'

Source: Twitter

No, we're not talking about the general religious figure, though that would be strange enough. Andrea (@dreeaaco_ on Twitter) has a 3-year-old cousin who chose the 2018 horror movie for her party theme, complete with a very disturbing cake and piñata. Thankfully, her friends played along. 

I just hope she hasn't seen the actual movie and came to her interest solely through commercials and advertisements. Seems a bit rough for a toddler!