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Source: DC Comics / Twitter

This Twitter Account Collects Jokes Written By Kids, and They're Way Too Funny


Little kids are the funniest people on the planet. The most seasoned stand-up comedian, the most talented wordsmith, has absolutely nothing on a little kid who has learned the word "butt." There is just no competition. And the Twitter account @KidsWriteJokes knows this. The account posts jokes that were actually submitted by small children. Word for word, not a thing changed. And let me tell you, these jokes are the most brilliant things you'll read all day.

Sure, some of them may not make sense. But that doesn't matter. You can hear the excitement in each kid's voice when you read the punchlines, and that's priceless. Plus, kids have not yet been corrupted by logic, so they come up with some genuinely bonkers and hilarious stuff. Without further ado, brilliant jokes written by hilarious children...

Source: Twitter

I mean, yeah. Why else would a worm eat a nut? Worms generally eat dirt, I think, but you have no idea how many bugs and stuff have died in that dirt. It's probably so many bugs. If you're a vegan worm, your diet is subsequently quite limited.