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Source: Reddit

Things That Look Like Food But Definitely Shouldn't Be Eaten


Wait! Before you sit down to read this article, you might want to grab a snack. A real one, made from real food that is actually edible. An apple, or a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips on it, or a whole pizza...dang, I'm craving some weird things. 

Anyway, you should grab a snack because, while the pictures in this article look delicious and will 100 percent make you hungry, you should not actually eat any of them! The subreddit r/forbiddensnacks is full of pictures of objects that look like yummy food but would definitely not taste good and might actually make you quite sick. It will shock you just how much these non-food items look like food! 

1. Forbidden cheese

Source: Reddit

Oh man, this looks exactly like that apricot Stilton sold at Trader Joe's (can you tell I spend a lot of time in the Trader Joe's cheese section?), but it's actually soap! Lush is probably the worst store to walk into when you're hungry because everything looks edible and some of their products even have names like "Cupcake," but it's all soap. All of it.