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Things That Look Like Food But Definitely Shouldn't Be Eaten



Wait! Before you sit down to read this article, you might want to grab a snack. A real one, made from real food that is actually edible. An apple, or a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips on it, or a whole pizza...dang, I'm craving some weird things. 

Anyway, you should grab a snack because, while the pictures in this article look delicious and will 100 percent make you hungry, you should not actually eat any of them! The subreddit r/forbiddensnacks is full of pictures of objects that look like yummy food but would definitely not taste good and might actually make you quite sick. It will shock you just how much these non-food items look like food! 

1. Forbidden cheese

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Oh man, this looks exactly like that apricot Stilton sold at Trader Joe's (can you tell I spend a lot of time in the Trader Joe's cheese section?), but it's actually soap! Lush is probably the worst store to walk into when you're hungry because everything looks edible and some of their products even have names like "Cupcake," but it's all soap. All of it.

2. Forbidden cookie dough

Source: Reddit

Once you get over how delicious and sweet this little baby seal looks, you can finally see how sad and scared he is! Poor baby seal! I'm sure these doctors are doing everything they can to help him.

3. Forbidden loaf of bread

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Which one is the loaf of bread and which one is the wrinkly puppy? It's kind of hard to tell. I guess one will taste a little hairier than the other. 

4. Forbidden mochi

Source: Reddit

Wow, this is making me want mochi. I never realized how much mochi resembles a little curled-up hamster, but now, every time I eat one, I will be reminded of this picture.

5. Forbidden Oreos

Source: Reddit

Not only do these look like Oreos, but they also look like they're exactly the same size. I have a feeling these furniture grippers aren't quite as tasty, though. Oreos are addictive. Furniture grippers probably take a while to chew.

6. Forbidden cream cheese

Source: Reddit

Well, spread this on a bagel and top it with a tomato, because this face cream looks exactly like cream cheese! I wonder... If you ate this, would it moisturize and rejuvenate your intestines? This is a rhetorical question. Please don't try this out.

7. Forbidden egg

Source: Reddit

Look at this perfect egg! How?! How does this happen? You know how, when animals are so cute, you kind of want to eat them? Just nibble on them a little bit? Well, that urge escalates when they also look perfectly hard-boiled.

8. Forbidden popcorn

Source: Reddit

I stared at this photo for a good five minutes thinking it must actually be popcorn. But it turns out these kernels are actually little flowers that dropped from a tree. Flowers that look exactly like popcorn.

9. Forbidden candy

Source: Reddit

I could 100 percent see myself reaching into this cup, popping one of these in my mouth, and immediately getting stabbed in the tongue. These may look like candies, but they're thumb tacks!

10. Forbidden shrimp

Source: Reddit

Sure, yes, fine, these look like shrimp. But on closer examination, what are these? Why do plastic curved human fingers with nails exist? What is happening? Who made these? Are they wall hooks? For what, the creepiest room in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory? In conclusion: what?

11. Forbidden mint

Source: Reddit

If you have to put "do not eat" on your packaging, maybe reconsider your packaging! Little compressed napkins don't have to be packaged exactly like dinner mints. There has to be a better way!

12. Forbidden pizza

Source: Reddit

The couch is the crust, and the rug is the rest of the slice. And there's even that little table in the middle to keep the top of the pizza box from smushing into the cheese! 

13. Forbidden peanut butter

Source: Reddit

That caulk really does look like peanut butter. On a related note, I think peanut butter should come in squeeze bottles like this. Just mainline that sweet stuff right into my mouth. 

14. Forbidden coconut

Source: Reddit

This looks like the world's most luxurious coconut, but alas, it is not. It is a geode on display at a museum, so it's way less delicious. 

15. Forbidden crispy noodles

Source: Reddit

These roots look exactly like those crispy noodles you get at the Chinese restaurant. Just add some soy sauce, and you're good to go. 

16. Forbidden potato

Source: Reddit

On first glance, you may think, "This is definitely a potato." On second glance, you may think, "I am completely positive that this is a potato." On third glance, however, you may realize that this is not actually a potato. This is a very comfortable seal.

17. Forbidden lemonade

Source: Reddit

Sure, the bottle says to "keep out of reach of children," but it should also have a warning to "keep out of reach of parched adults on a hot summer day who are looking for a refreshing beverage," because dang, it really looks like some delicious lemonade.

18. Forbidden nacho cheese

Source: Reddit

I am not saying you should dip your tortilla chips in this can of paint. That would be inadvisable. What I am saying, though, is do you know the ingredients in actual nacho cheese? Because I'm willing to bet this can of paint and actual nacho cheese have more in common than we'd like to admit.

19. Forbidden rock candy

Source: Reddit

What could this possibly be if it isn't rock candy? It looks just like it! But it is, unfortunately, not candy. It is bath salt. So...I guess maybe you could eat it? But it would be very salty. 

20. Forbidden hamburger patties

Source: Reddit

These do look like tasty burgers, but I would not want to see what happens if you try to grill 'em up. You'd probably end up with no eyebrows. Don't eat the fire discs!

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