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Source: Instagram

These People Covered Tattoos of Their Exes in the Most Creative Ways


Have you ever been in love? It's like a drug. Being in love can make you lose your head and do wild things you would otherwise never dream of... like getting the name and / or picture of your current partner tattooed on your body. In ink. Permanent ink. 

Too often, those relationships don't work out, and then you're stuck with a tattoo that reminds you daily of the person who broke your heart. But people all over the world are finding super clever ways to cover up those tattoos of their exes. Some are hilarious. Others are simply fitting. Here are some of our favorite ex coverup tattoos.

Big ol' spider

Source: Instagram

Now, instead of getting spooked every time he sees that tattoo that reminded him of his ex, he'll get spooked by this giant, scary spider instead! Honestly, that's 100 percent worth it.