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Source: twitter

Woman Convinces Her Tinder Match to Get Identical Tattoos Before They Meet


A guy on Tinder actually had someone take his suggestion of getting "matching tattoos" so seriously that the pair went and did it before they even had a proper date.

There's a kind of reckless impulsiveness that I feel a lot of adults could benefit from when they're older. When we're children, we just want to get things done and have a great time.

What happens to most folks after a while though is that, after years of failing, getting hurt or humiliated, train ourselves to be more "practical," which doesn't really feel so good. Finding a nice romantic partner and convincing ourselves that they're good for us might be a safe choice, but do they make our hearts beat really fast? Are you really that madly in love with them?

The same goes for many people's career choices: do you go after that tough or scary job or promotion, or stay in the same comfortable gig you have. Does making a living really feel like living?

While I'm all for going for going after your dreams and constantly pushing yourself to your maximum capabilities in all aspects of your life, I also think people unnecessarily  do "dangerous" things to attain that feeling. Like skydiving to feel like you did something "thrilling" while your home and career life aren't all that hot. Find the thrill in chasing a bigger life instead of jumping out of an airplane.

Or getting a tattoo with a random stranger like these kids did.