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Source: twitter

Woman Charges Cheating Ex $130 to Talk to Her and He Actually Pays It

By Mustafa Gatollari

People cheat for all sorts of reasons, and most of them usually stink. Long-term relationships can be a messy and difficult business, because not everyone ends up with their "soulmate" or that person who makes you feel like you're pooping rainbows all of the time.

So for the rest of us who don't hit the lottery, we've got to put some work into it and that means working on ourselves. And confronting those uncomfortable bits about our personalities is a tall order. Do we go deeper into that and work on our personalities while striving to make our relationship with that loved one thrive even when we're "bored" or things go "stale?" Or do we deflect the issue by hanging out with other people, maybe chat someone else up and/or cheat and convince ourselves that that "other thing" is better?

Most people won't pick the more difficult/rewarding choice and work like crazy to make their relationship fly or realize that it's not meant to be. They'll cheat like this dude, in whatever capacity. And there's something about cheaters or bad S.O.'s who always want to talk their exes as a form of therapy, as if that's their job or something.

It's not. So this 19-year-old woman decided that if she was going to waste her time talking to her former BF, that she was going to get compensated for it.