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Source: Imgur

People Share Photographic Evidence That They Live With Absolute Monsters


I have been fairly lucky with roommates over the course of my life. Although, there was that one girl who I got an apartment with. She moved in two weeks before me. When I got there, there was a bed set up on the floor of my room. Her boyfriend's roommate had been living in my room, and the two guys were planning to live with us in our two-bedroom apartment until they found their own place. All of this she had neglected to tell me in advance. They stayed for about a month, filling our garbage can with Carl's Jr. bags on a daily basis. 

So that wasn't great. But living with roommates or spouses or significant others can be very tricky. People are weird, after all! And sometimes you don't find out just how bizarre people are until you're living with them and they can't seem to be able to wash a dish or keep the toothpaste tube clean and usable. Just be glad you don't live with the terrible roommates whose handiwork is pictured here. And if you do actually live with one of these people, run! Get out now!

Source: Reddit

"What is that rotting carcass sitting on the window sill?" a sane person like you might ask. Why, that is a pumpkin from Halloween, of course! This person's roommate still hasn't thrown it away. I can't imagine it smells very good.