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People Share Photographic Evidence That They Live With Absolute Monsters



I have been fairly lucky with roommates over the course of my life. Although, there was that one girl who I got an apartment with. She moved in two weeks before me. When I got there, there was a bed set up on the floor of my room. Her boyfriend's roommate had been living in my room, and the two guys were planning to live with us in our two-bedroom apartment until they found their own place. All of this she had neglected to tell me in advance. They stayed for about a month, filling our garbage can with Carl's Jr. bags on a daily basis. 

So that wasn't great. But living with roommates or spouses or significant others can be very tricky. People are weird, after all! And sometimes you don't find out just how bizarre people are until you're living with them and they can't seem to be able to wash a dish or keep the toothpaste tube clean and usable. Just be glad you don't live with the terrible roommates whose handiwork is pictured here. And if you do actually live with one of these people, run! Get out now!


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"What is that rotting carcass sitting on the window sill?" a sane person like you might ask. Why, that is a pumpkin from Halloween, of course! This person's roommate still hasn't thrown it away. I can't imagine it smells very good. 


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Here's a little tip: If you live with someone — anyone! — or even if you live alone, do not shave all the dead skin off your foot and onto the coffee table. Just had to pause writing for a second so I could gag uncontrollably. This is so gross.


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We're all forgetful sometimes. But being forgetful is only acceptable when your mistake won't potentially burn your entire house down. Roommate shaming is entirely appropriate in this situation. 


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If you are married to a person who eats all the ice cream and then leaves this much and puts it back in the freezer, that's grounds for divorce. I don't think there's a person in the world who would think you were overreacting for ending a marriage over this. It's egregious.


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This looks like an adorable chinchilla or something until you realize it's a literal pile of mold on top of pasta. This person's roommate made pasta and then went on vacation without throwing it out like some sort of heathen. I think the move here is to put this entire tray in that person's bed.


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If you live with someone who can't throw away the bugs they've killed, congratulations, you're living with a psychopath. Growing up, I knew this person who was too afraid of spiders to kill them, so she would tape them to the wall and make someone else do it. Psychopath, I tell ya!


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Could you even imagine coming home and seeing this set up in your apartment? I would die right there. Any roommate who uses a creepy mask like this to scare the living daylights out of the people they live with is never to be trusted again. 


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Well, this is a really passive-aggressive thing for a partner to do when they've been told they put the toilet paper on the wrong way. I personally don't care how the toilet paper goes, but my fiancé was adamant about it, so I changed my ways! Not that difficult!


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Ah yes, the old "take a picture of the bottom of your sink, print it out, and lay it over all the dishes" trick. It's a classic joke that only works until someone turns on the faucet. Kind of clever, though. 


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What sort of monster spills a bunch of coffee grounds and then has the time to write "sorry" in them but doesn't have the time to scoop 'em up and throw them away? This is like, next-level inconsiderate. At least they wrote "sorry" and didn't draw like, a hand giving the finger or something.


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This sort of thing is terrifying, and I know this because in college, my roommate worked at Blockbuster (RIP), and she brought home life-size cardboard cut-outs of Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law from Sherlock Holmes. We used to use those to scare the pants off each other, and they were two handsome men! Seeing Gollum like this when I woke up first thing in the morning would probably make me pee my pants.


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Now this is a prank I would not hate if my partner pulled it on me. Sure, the TV might not work, but now I have Tootsie Rolls! What's so bad about that? Answer: absolutely nothing at all.


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This person wrote that they did this because their roommate is afraid of clowns. First of all, everyone is afraid of clowns. Clowns are creepy. That's just a universal fact. Second of all, even if you somehow aren't expressly afraid of clowns, lifting the toilet to find one with skeleton fingers climbing out to get you will still scare you!


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Sometimes it's not what roommates do in the house that makes them the worst. It's what they do to you as a person. This roommate decided to immortalize their friend's lowest moment on a mug that they can now sip scorching hot tea out of every single day. The reminder, I'm sure, is torture enough.


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See?! See?! Even if you love Peewee Herman, you're still going to freak out and pee your pants when you open the shower curtain and he's just standing there waving at you. 


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Hey, so it's 2019. Husbands and male partners of all kind need to learn how to properly run the dishwasher. Otherwise they will be shamed with a photo and a post on the internet. It's only fair. Women have been bearing the burden of all this emotional (and actual) labor for too long.


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Hehe. When your roommate goes on a date that he's fairly certain will result in a trip back to the apartment, there is only one thing to do: try to humiliate him as much as humanly possible. This is one perfect way to do it. 


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"Hey, we need to break up. It's not you, exactly, but it is the way you open bags of bread. It's already open at the top. There's just a twist-tie keeping it closed. The thing that normal humans do is open the twist-tie, take out the bread they need, and then close the twist-tie again. I hope can grow and change and open bread properly someday. It just won't be with me."


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True life: Disgusting toothpaste tops is one of my biggest pet peeves. I was really afraid when I moved in with my fiancé that this would be us, but luckily, he's very neat with his toothpaste. I genuinely don't understand how people get it to look that gross.


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This is the most brilliant and subtle prank of all roommate pranks. Because what are you going to use to cut that zip tie off? Your scissors? Think again, bucko! But then again, if I was the victim of this prank, I would be so mad!

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