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Source: NBC

Guy Has Hilarious Observations After Living With Two Female Roommates For A Year

By Mustafa Gatollari

Co-habitating isn't for everyone. I lived with my sister for the greater part of my childhood, and then three roommates the first two years of college. After college, I was broke so naturally, I opted to live with another roommate, and then I lived with a significant other. After that ended hideously, I made a vow not to live with anyone else. But with this economy, here I am — unwillingly co-habitating once again.

Moving in with someone is a big commitment. Moving in with someone and their best friend is an even bigger one.

Something that Twitter user Craig Shapes learned the hard way after he began living with his girlfriend and their best friend.

He realized, rather quickly, that the woman he moved in with go about their lives much differently than he and his guy friends do.