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Source: Twitter

This Guy Wants to Open a $1 Grilled Cheese Truck, and We're on Board


Food trucks are all the rage these days, and they seem to be getting more complicated by the minute. So many trucks offer trendy food like Asian fusion...sushi burritos, sushi donuts, and Korean tacos, or overly complex dishes, like cake on a stick or wood-fired pizza in fruit roll-up form (OK, I think I made that last one up, but you get the point) that are way too expensive for what you get.

Isn't it time things change? Aren't you craving a food truck revolution? Twitter user Daniel Danger went on an epic, sometimes unhinged rant about his new food truck idea, and he went totally viral for it. Because all Daniel Danger wants to do is sell basic $1 grilled cheese sandwiches.

Source: Twitter

This sounds pretty great to me. Sometimes you don't want fancy, artisan sandwiches with fancy mustard and avocado and rustic baguettes. Sometimes, you just need a cheap, fulfilling snack to keep you going, and there should be a food truck for that. 

I already feel like there will be a line around the block for this $1 grilled cheese truck, even if you can't get change. Honestly, I'll be in that line.