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'Homecoming' Showrunners Have "Plenty of Ideas" for a Third Season



*Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2 of Homecoming.

We are still shaking from everything that went down at the Geist Group during the second season of Amazon Prime's Homecoming.

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The seven-episode season went by faster than we had anticipated, and we got some serious insight into Janelle Monae's Alex (aka Jackie), her partner Audrey, and how their backstories cross with Walter Cruz. 

But given how the season ended, which we'll get into in a bit, we can't help but wonder whether there will be a Season 3 of Homecoming. Stay with us while we investigate.

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Will there be a Season 3 of 'Homecoming'?

It's hard to believe that there can be more to this story, considering the fact that both of Homecoming's seasons wrap up their stories so neatly and cohesively. After Season 1, we didn't even know that there would be more to explore at the Geist Group's Homecoming initiative, but boy, are we glad we were wrong.

Pretty much the same goes for Season 2. Janelle Monae's time at Geist wraps with Walter Cruz joining forces with the president of the corporation, and drugging everyone in attendance of the big acquisition party with the memory-erasing serum he was given during his time at the Homecoming program.

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In the last couple of episodes, we learn that Alex had actually pretended to be a veteran named Jackie in order to get close to Walter, when in fact, she was trying to help her partner Audrey keep climbing the ranks at Geist by any means necessary. 

Alex was ready to inject Walter with the drug, but his reflexes were quick enough that he stabbed her right back — thus explaining why she was left without any memory of how she got onto the boat at the opening of the season.

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And since in the final moments of the season, everyone at Geist, including Audrey, has been spiked with the memory eraser, it kind of seems like the tale of this magical berry and its nebulous uses might wrap up for good.

A future season would zoom out even further.

Not so, emphasize showrunners in an interview with Digital Spy, who said they have "plenty of ideas for a third season." "Each season, we're widening out a circle and then there's whole new ways to go," said Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg, who created the podcast on which the Amazon Prime show is based.

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"We want you to have that feeling every time of thinking, 'They told me a full story, they are not withholding something from me. But I enjoy this enough that I would spend some more time in this world," the creators added.

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"Part of the magic trick for us is to tell what feels like this whole complete story and then when we go into the next part of the story, show you where the trap door was," they continued. "There would hopefully be this feeling of satisfaction and that you didn't know everything that first time."

Considering the growing trend in shows to do the complete opposite — that is, to tease a future in the show's universe when there is no strong idea to back the cliffhanger — we really appreciate this new way of thinking.

We'll be sure to tune in to Season 3 if and when it's given the green light, and can't wait to see which amazing actress they'll tap to take on the lead role.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Homecoming are now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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