All of Your Questions About 'Win the Wilderness' Answered

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 28 2020, Updated 5:12 p.m. ET

win the wilderness
Source: YouTube

The new competition show Win the Wilderness pits six nature-loving couples against each other to see if they can survive in the Alaskan wilderness.

The show, which just dropped on Netflix, is just as entertaining as most of the other competition shows on the streaming service — but after binging the whole season, fans still have some unanswered questions.

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Why does the show only feature British couples?

The Netflix Original was actually adapted from a show by the same name that initially aired on BBC. Win the Wilderness originally aired in January 2020 on the British network, and was then picked up by Netflix for release in America.

Theo and Bee, one of the couples who competed on the show, posted on their personal blog, The Indie Projects, shared some behind-the-scenes information about the show — including the answer to this very question.

win the wilderness
Source: YouTube
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"The answer is simply that it was a British production company that picked up the show and hence resulted in British contestants," they wrote. "As the show was being aired in the UK it makes it relatable for the viewers to watch other British couples compete to win this Alaskan homestead, and that’s how it ended up being us six couples."

Are the BBC and Netflix versions different?

Turns out, they are! Theo and Bee shared on their blog that they felt the Netflix version was actually better and easier to get into than the version that aired on the BBC.

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win the wilderness
Source: YouTube

Apparently, each episode was cut down by 15 minutes, making the show run at a faster pace than usual. A few of the scenes from the original airing were also cut, but the couple says that overall, it felt more "engaging."

"The ability to watch the entire series in one sitting makes your connection with the contestants much better," they said.

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Did Mark and Emily actually win the property? (Spoiler alert!)

The grand prize promised to the winners of Win the Wilderness is the deed to the property — and the couple who won received exactly that. Theo and Bee outlined on their blog that every couple received a packet of contracts and legal information at the start of the show, outlining what would happen if they were to win the property.

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While most viewers believe Mark and Emily were likely plans to sell the property, they actually can't. The winning couple contractually agrees that they won't sell the place for at least a few years.

But they also aren't granted immediate citizenship for owning the property, meaning if they plan to live in the house full-time, they'll run into some problems with immigration. Theo and Bee revealed that the show's lawyer outlined how difficult it would be to qualify for citizenship.

"We were told by the lawyer that it was pretty much impossible to live there full-time without a million-dollar-plus investment into a business," they said.

According to The Cinemaholic, Mark and Emily aren't living in the Ose, but are instead having some of their friends watch the property while they're back on their farm in England. The couple have big plans for the place over the next few years — plans that don't involve selling it.

Will there be a reunion episode?

At this time, there aren't talks of a reunion episode in the works — and Theo and Bee confirm it. Given the travel restrictions in place right now, and how remote the filming location is, doing a reunion episode would be extremely pricey, making it unlikely.

However, it doesn't seem as though a second season is off the table at the moment, but talks for it likely wouldn't begin until after shows begin filming again.

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