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Source: History Channel

What Do the Winners of History Channel's 'Alone' Receive for Surviving in the Wild?


Do you have what it takes to survive alone in the wilderness for up to one year? The unscripted reality series Alone follows 10 contestants as they put their survival skills to the test. In Season 6 of the History Channel series, the competitors were abandoned in the Arctic, scattered throughout Canada’s Great Slave Lake.  

"Survivalists will endure incredibly cold conditions and a whole slew of new dangerous wildlife, like a thriving bear population, territorial moose, packs of wolves, muskox, and the stealthy porcupine. No camera crew. No gimmicks,” the network’s description states. The only rule: “Last one standing wins.”

So, what prize do the winners of Alone get if they survive this unscripted reality TV show?