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The reality competition series Alone follows survivalists as they attempt to outlast each other in the wilderness with a limited amount of equipment for a grand prize of $500,000. The show is filmed in hostile locations from Vancouver Island, British Colombia to Patagonia, Argentina, to Mongolia. Season 7 victor Roland Welker lasted the longest in the show's history, surviving 100 days in Northwest Canada. Colby Donaldson hosted Season 7 of Alone

Network: History

First Episode Date: June 18, 2015

Alone winners

  • Alan Kay (56 Days)
  • David McIntyre (66 Days)
  • Zachary Fowler (87 Days)
  • Jim and Ted Baird (75 Days)
  • Sam Larson (60 Days)
  • Jordan Jonas (77 Days)
  • Roland Welker (100 Days)

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, Discovery Plus

Latest Alone News and Updates

  • What can you bring on Alone?
    Reality TV

    ‘Alone’ Has a Very Specific List of Items Contestants Can Bring — and the Devil’s in the Details

    Watching 'Alone' on TV makes everyone on armchair expert on survival, but what can you bring on the show to ensue your survival?
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  • Is the TV Show 'Alone' Staged?
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    'Alone' Has a Bit of Production Magic but the Show Really Lives up to Its Name

    How staged is History channel's 'Alone'? Are the contestants really as isolated as the show portrays them to be?
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  • 'Alone'

    Has Anyone Died on 'Alone'? There Have Been Some Seriously Close Calls

    Has anyone died on 'Alone'? Viewers have witnessed some pretty scary situations throughout the History Channel show's time on the air.
    By Allison Cacich
  • 'Alone'

    'Alone' Filming Has Taken Contestants to Some Seriously Wild and Rough Places

    'Alone' has had some pretty wild filming locations during the time it has been on TV. Here's a breakdown of all of the locations on 'Alone.'
    By Chris Barilla
  • Alone
    Reality TV

    History Channel's 'Alone' Season 9 Took Contestants to a Popular Hunting Ground

    Where was 'Alone' Season 9 filmed? Over the years, the History Channel show took contestants to wild places, and this new season is no different.
    By Tatayana Yomary
  • 'Alone' contestant
    Reality TV

    ‘Alone’ Winners Get $500k — So What Do the Other Contestants Get?

    Do ‘Alone’ contestants get paid anything? See what one former star of the History reality series said about his compensation for braving the wilds.
    By Dan Clarendon
  • Correy Hawk

    If You Want to Be the Next Contestant on 'Alone,' Don't Bring the Wrong Gear

    The History Channel show 'Alone' pits survivalists against each other for a $500,000 cash prize. Here's how to apply and what you can and can't bring.
    By Kori Williams
  • Tim on Alone
    Reality TV

    Did [SPOILER] Really Have a Heart Attack on 'Alone'?

    Tim, who was the first to tap out on 'Alone,' may have suffered a heart attack. Some are saying maybe his chest pains were actually more indicative of a panic attack, though.
    By Gina Vaynshteyn
  • Alone Season 8 filmed
    Reality TV

    'Alone' Season 8 Was Filmed in One of the Harshest Spots in the World

    Wondering where 'Alone' Season 8 was filmed? You're in for a wild ride, because these survivalists are not going to have it easy.
    By Gina Vaynshteyn
  • Donny Dust on History's 'Alone.'

    'Alone' Contestant Donny Dust Taps Out After Experiencing Heart Attack-Like Symptoms

    What happened to Donny on 'Alone'? Find out why the survivalist was forced to leave the Arctic after 8 days.
    By Allison Cacich
  • History Channel show 'Alone' prize

    What Do the Winners of History Channel's 'Alone' Receive for Surviving in the Wild?

    Here's what the winners of the History Channel TV show 'Alone' receive if they survive in the wilderness. Details on their cash prize and more.
    By Gabrielle Bernardini
  • Season 7 cast of 'Alone' on History.

    Does the 'Alone' Season 7 Cast Have What It Takes to Actually Finish?

    Meet the Season 7 cast of 'Alone' — including Roland Welker, Callie Russell, and Amós Rodriguez. Will someone finally win the 'Alone' grand prize?
    By Anna Quintana
  • Season 7 cast of 'Alone'.

    How to Get Involved in 'Alone' Season 8 Casting

    If you're interested in jumping into the latest season of History's austere survival show 'Alone,' here's what you need to know about potentially joining Season 8.
    By Brittany Vincent
  • Roland Welker on Season 7 of 'Alone.'

    Roland Welker Is One of the Most Capable 'Alone' Contestants, but Does He Win?

    Whatever happened to Roland on History Channel's 'Alone'? Is he still in the running to be the first person to last 100 days in the wilderness?
    By Mustafa Gatollari
  • Season 7 cast of 'Alone.'

    Who Won Season 7 of 'Alone'? The Fan-Favorite Came out on Top

    'Alone' Season 7 winner: does Kielyn Marrone, Callie Russell, or Roland Welker walk away with the $1 million prize? The finale aired Aug. 20.
    By Allison Cacich
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