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Source: History Channel

'Alone' Contestant Donny Dust Taps Out After Experiencing Heart Attack-Like Symptoms


Unlike reality shows such as Survivor or Naked and Afraid, the contestants on History Channel’s Alone are, in fact, all alone. There are no camera crews around to track their movements or team members to talk to. It’s just a trained survival expert vs. the wilderness. 

One of the reasons fans love this series, and have kept it around for six seasons, is that the 10 individuals who volunteer to battle some of the world’s most punishing environments serve as their own documentarians, detailing the daily struggles they encounter for people watching at home. The last contestant standing wins $500,000.

On the June 13 episode, primitive technology instructor Donny Dust was the second individual to bow out of this year’s competition, which takes place in the Arctic along the shore of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Here’s what caused the Colorado resident to throw in the towel.

What happened to Donny on Alone?