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Source: Discovery Channel

'Naked and Afraid' Contestants Are in Real Danger... Kind Of


The reality television show Naked and Afraid is the ultimate survival-of-the-fittest task. The Discovery Channel hit show strands one man and one woman in the wilderness with no clothes, food, water, or shelter. Though it seems like an impossible feat for the average person, many wonder: Is this documentary-style reality show scripted?

The agenda of this TV show is to survive for 21 days in the middle of nowhere with a stranger. Fans watch as two survivalists battle both the mental and physical challenges of being without the usual necessities to combat their environment. We also watch as the contestants are put in extreme situations and danger, without the producers or set crew intervening. However, according to Ranker, this is not exactly how it all goes down.

For example, sometimes outside necessities were given to participants. Former contestant Jeff Zausch revealed during a 2014 interview that his partner was given a tampon by a crew member when she got her period. It is also worth noting that though contestants appear to be "alone," they're constantly being followed by producers and crew members.