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Source: ABC

If 'Lost' and 'Survivor' Had a Baby, It Would Be ABC's New Reality Series 'Castaways'

By Gabrielle Bernardini

Capitalizing on audiences' fascination with reality television, ABC gives us Castaways. The show is similar to Survivor, in which 12 people are stranded on an island and need to survive in the wilderness. However, there is a twist.

The cast is scattered on the island and the only way to get eliminated is to quit. Therefore, don't expect any death-defying challenges or drama-filled tribunals. With nothing but their wit and some other cast members' luggage (the luggage was scattered around the island) as clues, the "contestants" must survive for an undisclosed amount of time until they are rescued. 

So, is Castaways really a reality show? 

Though this may seem similar to other survival reality TV shows, it is very much shot like a scripted series. Throughout the show, audiences are met with flashbacks of the cast members' lives and the struggles they are going through. We also see aerial shots of the island, different camera angles, and dramatic cutaways. So, while it might seem like we are watching an episode of Lost — it is technically a reality show.