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Source: YouTube

Meet the Cast of Your Next Obsession 'Pretty Little Mamas' — and Their Adorable Kids!

By Anna Quintana

If you love Teen Mom but are still having The Hills withdrawals — you're in luck. MTV's latest series (and your next obsession) provides the perfect blend of young moms and California living. Pretty Little Mamas follows the lives of five 20-something moms — who also just happen to be best friends — as they raise their equally pretty kids in San Diego.

"We live the best life," cast member and girl squad leader Nicole says in the trailer for the show. "High fashion, cute boys, and the hottest parties. Oh yeah, and we’re amazing moms." However, it's not all glitz and glam for these mamas. Nicole is struggling to balance her life as a single mom with her party-hopping boyfriend, Alyssa is dealing with her mom's failing health, and Cheyenne's husband can't seem to keep a job. But what would a reality show be without a little bit of drama? 

Keep reading below for everything you need to know about the mamas and how to follow them on Instagram — before they blow up!