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Source: Instagram

It Doesn't Look Like Chandlar and Aaron's Relationship Has a Pretty Little Ending

By Anna Quintana

On Pretty Little Mamas, viewers are getting a look at the good (and bad) sides of young motherhood. From Alyssa balancing school and her mother's sickness to Cheyenne and her husband Teli's financial struggles — each cast member is dealing with some serious drama, along with raising their kids.

However, it's Chandlar who seems to be going through the most when it comes to her relationship with on-again, off-again boyfriend Aaron Carr. Just welcomed back into the group after more than three years, Chandlar is expecting her second child on the series and Aaron is not making things easier. 

"Seven months ago when Aaron found out that I was pregnant, he totally freaked out on me and took off," the now 25-year-old explained on the show. "Aaron has gone to rehab three times now and it just hasn't worked. But I'm hoping with the birth of his son, it will give him some of that extra push."