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Source: Getty Images

7 Reasons Kendall Jenner Is Actually the Worst Kardashian

By Tiffany White

Like big sister Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner has a reputation for being the "chill" sister. She's not in the news often, focuses on her career, and seems more laid-back than her family. Kendall has even admitted in the past that she likes to separate herself from the rest of her famous clan. "I’ve always been the different one," she said in 2017. "I’d say I’m more a Jenner than a Kardashian." But how true is that?

Even though Kendall isn't out there shilling FitTea and getting butt injections, she still has a long track record of questionable behavior. In fact, when you look at the receipts, the 22-year-old model has shown that she might actually be worst than her sisters. Below, a few reasons why:

She neglected her dog.