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There's a French Marathon Where Runners Stop for Wine and Cheese


If you like the idea of running a marathon but hate the thought of slurping down "energy gels" and sport drinks during the race, then France might have the run just for you.

It's called the Marathon du Medoc and it removes a lot of the ultra-competitive, serious nature of running 26.2 miles, replacing it with fun, festivities, and a kind of weird playfulness that is undeniably French. Which makes sense, because it takes place in France.

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Held in Bordeaux, the marathon takes runners on a fantastical trail through vineyards, sprawling estates, and old-timey castles. It's definitely a much more picturesque route than one would typically find in long-distance running events.

Folks are also highly encouraged to don special garb throughout the race. It's not uncommon to see people rocking strange costumes as they pound the pavement.