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Source: twitter

Nurses Are Supporting Marathon Record Setter Who Was Denied for Wearing Scrubs


Nurse Jessica Anderson completed the London Marathon in 3 hours, 8 minutes, and 22 seconds, a record for running it in costume. However, she was denied the distinction because her scrubs were more suited to a "doctor" and not a nurse.

The healthcare industry is rife with discrimination. How can anyone forget the story of the racist flight attendant who almost let a passenger die because they couldn't believe a black woman was a doctor?

I've experienced the same kind of discrimination in my own family. My sister, who's currently in med school, was speaking with a relative who kept insisting she was going to become a nurse and couldn't get it through her head that my younger sister was actually going to become a doctor.

This isn't to say the work nurses do isn't important, but the idea that they're dainty maternal figures in white dresses is certainly antiquated thinking.

One would assume that, because it's the year 2019, if a nurse wanted to run the London Marathon wearing their scrubs to set a "costume" record time, said scrubs would count. If you picture a nurse today, you probably don't envision some Mad Men-era healthcare professional asking you if you'd like another cigarette while taking your X-ray scans to a horn-rimmed glasses wearing, whiskey-smelling dude who's excited to go home to a pot roast.