Woman Asks Date to Do Her Taxes, Gets Ghosted Instead

“‘You don’t even know my last name don’t call me love!’ But hey I’ll totally share my tax information with you on the first date.”

Sarah Kester - Author

May 8 2024, Published 10:28 p.m. ET

What do dating and taxes equal? Getting ghosted. At least, that's what happened to one woman on TikTok who's sharing her story.

She asked her first date to do her taxes and got ghosted instead. When she shared more details, viewers saw that things didn't add up.

Rather than take her side, she was dragged for how she handled the situation.

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“Come with me to get ghosted then stood up,” the text overlay read on TikToker Molly Rutter's (@mollerutter) video. She explained that she was about to go on her first date in Buffalo. Since her date was a “finance bro,” he was going to help her with her taxes.

But then he “ghosted” her. Looking upset in the next clip, she explained that the last message she received from him was at 3 p.m. It read “Aweee” in response to her not wanting to get up after a nap.

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When she asked if they were still on for their date at 6 p.m., he never replied.

Rejection stings normally, but this date hit Molly differently since it was her first date in Buffalo. She explained that they had good conversation and chemistry. So, what went wrong? According to her, the math just wasn’t mathing.

“I hate dating in this generation,” she said. She blamed the ghosting on their age difference — she’s 32, he’s 23. “He did a very 23-year-old thing.” But then a plot twist happened: he texted her.

He had fallen asleep and still wanted to meet up for their date. But since she had made other plans with friends, she asked if they could join.

Molly brought viewers along as she chose her date outfit and walked her dogs to the dog-friendly bar. “I feel cute for my date,” she sang as she admired her makeup.

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Molly explained that she wasn’t feeling nervous about the date. In the text overlay, she wrote that her lack of nerves must have foreshadowed him bailing.

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“I definitely don’t like that he’s late,” Molly said as a clip showed her waiting at the bar. At that point, he was running 15 minutes late after saying that he was only two minutes away. Luckily, some of her friends arrived to keep her company.

An hour later, and he still hadn’t shown up. When she called him, it went straight to voicemail.

“What a terrible evening,” Molly said as she walked home.

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“It would take me more mental energy to ghost someone to that elaborate of an extent minutes before we are supposed to see each other. Unbelievable.”

Once home, Molly thought back on their texting conversations and wondered if an awkward exchange earlier had caused him to ghost. She said she had called him out for calling her “love.” After Molly told him that it was too soon to use that nickname, he reportedly dryly responded, “My apologies.”

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Another awkward encounter was the self-deprecating comments he kept making about his looks. He was worried that she wouldn’t find him attractive. When Molly told him that these negative comments had to go, she believed he was passive-aggressive when he replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

To add insult to injury, the comments on the video made it clear that people were on the date's side. Rather than be supportive and sympathetic, many people believed that Molly brought the ghosting upon herself.

“‘You don’t even know my last name don’t call me love!’ But hey I’ll totally share my tax information with you on the first date,” one user commented.

“Her texting is such a turn-off,” another wrote. “U scared him off for sure,” someone said.

Several users took issue with her sharing her feelings on the internet. “Girl get a diary,” this user commenced. “Is there a reason this was 10 minutes long,” someone asked.

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A third didn’t mince words, writing, “U remind me of a girl I just stopped being friends with.”

The age gap was another issue. “I stopped listening when you said 32 and 23," this user wrote.

There was at least one person on her side. "These comments don't pass the vibe check. I'm sorry girl, dating is hard! You are beautiful and you will find someone who loves you for YOU!!!!”

“Thank you so much,” Molly replied.

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