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Mom Delivers Baby at Home in 3 Minutes Without Waking Her Sleeping Children


A mother from Petersburg, Michigan is making headlines after delivering her fourth child, at home, without any complications whatsoever.

Childbirth is scary and if there's anything the trash 2012 movie What to Expect When You're Expecting taught me is that every single pregnancy is different. I mean, I guess I could use my own real-life experience in helping my wife deliver our two children, but that didn't have a soundtrack. Unless you count my wife's birthing screams.

It doesn't really need to be said, but generally speaking, giving birth is a horrifyingly painful process and one that's difficult for me or I think anyone to become desensitized to. After seeing my wife go through it twice, I can honestly say that while I admire the heck out of her ability to go through that, twice, I am very, very happy I was born without the ability to gestate a fetus. It doesn't look fun at all.

But there are some people who just must be born differently, like Sarah Seegert, a mother of four children who managed to deliver her youngest, Caris Betty Iott, at home and all by herself. There was no one there to guide her through it or clean up the mess. No one to hold her hand and help her through it. Just Sarah and a baby that needed to come out.

Oh, and the entire process took three minutes from the time her water broke. But that's not even the craziest part of her story.