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Source: hbo

Woman Wants to Cut Ties With Best Friend for "Stealing" Her Baby Name


A woman posed a question to reddit, asking if she would be in the wrong for cutting ties with a friend who "stole" a special baby name she wanted to use for her future child.

It's been the subject of more than a few episodes of popular shows. We've seen it happen in Sex & the City with the whole Shayla fiasco, and who could forget George Costanza's "Seven" diatribe?

People get understandably very crazy when it comes to their children's names, especially if you always dreamed of having a bouncing little baby and spent a ton of time daydreaming how you'd raise them. Some people plan the kind of bedroom the little nugget will sleep in, the first solid food to feed them — all of that good stuff. And of course you're going to want to come up with the perfect name for your future offspring. There are tons of books written about the subject and even different philosophies about how names can affect the course of your life.

While some people take the whole baby naming thing to ridiculous new heights — like this woman — many come up with deeply emotional and personal names for their children.

The person who penned this reddit post planned on using a name for her future child that was suggested by her mother. It's a super unique moniker and represents not only the poster's relationship with her mother, but where her mom came from as well.