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Source: istock

Woman Cancels Her Baby Shower Because Guests Made Fun of Her Kid's Name


A mom-to-be found out the hard way that if you give your kid a ridiculous name, people are going to make fun of it.

One of my favorite running gags in Bad Santa is the fact that the little boy who inexplicably becomes obsessed with Billy Bob Thornton is named Thurman Merman. It's a popular movie, so you'd think that this unnamed mother would've seen it and realized that someone's last name should play a role in the first name that they're given. A good example of that is baseball player David Justice. His parents didn't go and call him Augustus, because Augustus Justice sounds like a superhero character from a children's book series.

My name isn't exactly conventional either, so I don't get upset when people say, "Oh, Mufasa, like The Lion King?" I get it, they probably don't know that many Mustafas, which is fine. I'm not going to get up in arms whenever someone makes a You Don't Mess with the Zohan reference to boot.