This Woman Tries to Pronounce Arnold Palmer but Fails Repeatedly — Is She OK?

This woman absolutely cannot pronounce Arnold Palmer despite multiple tries. Does this mean she'll never enjoy iced tea and lemonade again?

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jul. 24 2023, Published 4:51 p.m. ET

Sometimes I'm convinced the English language wants us all to fail. For example, there is no Earthly reason why colonel should be the same as kernel. The word epitome is the epitome of frustrating. And don't get me started on neighbor. I guess naybor would be too confusing because that would look like two horses living next to each other.

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Sometimes two words are put together that when spoken out loud separately make sense, but when pushed side-by-side can really trip up one's tongue. For Madison, who goes by @.itsamaddoglife on TikTok, those words are Arnold Palmer. In her case she's referring to the beverage, not the golfer who invented it. Will Madison never know the sweet and sour joy that is iced tea and lemonade because she cannot speak its name? Read on to quench your thirst.

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It's pronounced Aar-nuhld Paa-mur.

Honestly, Arnold Palmer is a mess. Again not the person or even the drink, just the words. The second syllable in Arnold is nold which is somehow pronounced as if the O is a U. Palmer is even worse because the L is silent, so you're not saying pal as in friend. No wonder people struggle with English. No one makes it easy.

In June 2021, Madison dropped a TikTok featuring her desperately trying to say Arnold Palmer. I can feel her pain and commitment. She struggles to get her mouth to say the words.

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Madison begins by saying its ingredients, seemingly preparing her face for what's to come. "Lemonade, ice tea," she says using each hand. I get what she's doing. Perhaps separating the two will help her brain understand the different sounds needed to say Arnold Palmer. What she actually says sounds more like All Nerd Parlmill.

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The next attempt is slightly better, with an additional pause added between Arnold and Palmer. In theory, this will help with the pronunciation of Palmer. Sadly it does not. She ends up getting Arnold correct, waits a beat then says Palmerd. That's close!

Arnold Palmer
Source: Getty Images

Arnold Palmer the golfer and Arnold Palmer the drink.

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After taking a deep breath, Madison sounds out Arnold. All Nerd makes a return before she says Arnold correctly. Once again All Nerd Parmill appears followed by All Nerd Palmer. Finally, Palmer squeaks out. Clearly encouraged by this, Madison immediately starts over.

She says Arnold three times in a row, getting more excited with each correct pronunciation. I am on Madison's team, cheering her on from my laptop! Unfortunately Parmold is what follows. It does feel like her brain is trying to turn these two words into one, kind of like the Spice Girls.

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Variations of this continue as Madison really gives this her all. In the caption beneath the TikTok, she asks if this is something she should see a doctor for. Folks in the comments were pretty helpful.

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Should Madison see a doctor, or maybe a speech pathologist?

The comment with the most likes also has the most sympathy and understanding for Madison's plight. TikToker @losaco_ assured her that she is not in need of a doctor and in fact, this person suffered a similar fate when it came to saying Arnold Palmer. "I used to have a speech impediment," revealed @losaco_. "It's too many r's and l's, and I get flashbacks to third grade.

So many folks jumped in to say they were also bested by Arnold Palmer (not in a game of golf), when trying to say the name out loud. Finally, a speech pathologist who goes by the easy-to-pronounce name of Amanda, offered up some insight. "If you carry the A1FG gene, it will cause your vocal cords to behave like a silly little goose." Now, I don't think silly little goose is a medical term but a rogue gene sounds fairly plausible.

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