"What Are We Paying For?" — Woman Confronts HOA for Doing Nothing, Becomes Internet Hero

A woman on TikTok posted several clips from some Zoom calls she had with her homeowners association (HOA). Folks are loving what she told them.


Jun. 22 2023, Published 3:10 p.m. ET

Does the thought of homeowners association (HOA) fees make you exasperated? How about if you combine that with an HOA that you believe is generally unhelpful and unresponsive?

That's a double-whammy, on top of other potential nightmare HOA stories.

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A woman named Sascha (@gibbysgirl2u) on TikTok recorded herself attending Zoom meetings with her HOA, and we can absolutely feel her frustration.

In the comments, folks were just glad to see her call them out.

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This woman on TikTok confronted her HOA over several issues, and the internet was happy to see it.

Sascha has posted several videos about her HOA. From the sound of it, it seems like not only is she having trouble getting any communication from them — but she was also inappropriately sent to collections at one point.

In the comments section under her first video, Sascha explained: "They made me wait a year to get in front of them. I sent over 30 emails and it was circular. I was like, this is the time."

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In Sascha's first video, she sits in front of her computer and very calmly tells the folks on the Zoom call, "You came to the meeting and you have 'no new business'? What do we need a board for? Why don't we just..."

Another woman immediately interrupts her: "No no no no no no no! Sascha! This is not a board of directors meeting..."

Confused, Sascha says, "I'm looking at your agenda and it says 'new business' on the agenda. Who sent out the agenda?"

After a long pause, the woman concedes that a fellow person on the call did, in fact, send out this agenda.

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"OK, so that's what I'm saying," Sascha says. "You don't even know what's going on; you just respond [in a way that] is similar to your email communications and that's why I say it's offensive."

The other woman responds that "we're not going to do this bashing stuff" and "this is not the appropriate place to do this."

"When is the appropriate place if I don't feel like traction is being made with the board?" Sascha asks.

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In the second clip Sascha posted from that same call, Sascha — who seems to get told she's being "nasty" — tells them: "Had you been more approachable, we wouldn't be here."

They eventually end up disconnecting her from the line.

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In a third clip from that call, Sascha can be seen telling them: "There's no progress; we're now in August 2 of 2022 and my account is still inappropriately reflected as having a balance outstanding after providing receipts and an Excel spreadsheet that she's not able to reference...."

The other woman on the call tells her this is "personal" issue about her account and isn't appropriate for the meeting.

"It is appropriate if this is happening to other individuals in the community," Sascha counters. "And what you started off the call with was, 'We're making progress...' If you're sending people inappropriately to collections, that's not progress, that's predatory."

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In the fourth clip from that call, Sascha tells them, "You came here for a financial review update — [the meeting coordinator] had no update."

In other words, they're not addressing the actual issues, so that's why Sascha is bringing them up.

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In a clip from a different phone call, Sascha asks if it's appropriate that they disconnected her from the line in the earlier call.

In another clip from this call, she also notes that when the person leading these meetings "comes to these calls and she doesn't really have much input, I question what are we paying for?"

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When Sascha is told that she should submit her requests prior to the meeting so that the person running the meeting can be more prepared, Sascha says, "I mean, to tell someone to be prepared for their job is crazy, but OK."

Underneath this video, someone commented: "This just keeps getting better and better because you be leaving them speechless lol."

"This is better than Court TV," another person added. "We want all the tea."

We just hope things get less frustrating for this TikToker. Here's hoping!

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