"Should We Even Give 2 Weeks?" — Woman Claims Job Fired Her on the Spot After Giving Notice

Giving an employer two weeks notice before quitting a position is standard protocol for most jobs. One woman was fired when she gave her notice.

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jul. 14 2023, Published 1:45 p.m. ET

The struggle is real, with layoffs occurring left and right in the challenging job market. When firings happen, employers often cut ties with their employees the day they lose their jobs.

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However, when workers decide to leave on their own terms, they’re expected to give their bosses a heads-up several weeks ahead. But even when providing a two weeks notice, that doesn’t necessarily stop companies from trying to regain control.

TikTok creator @deadbeatdad420 posted a shocking video explaining how her job immediately fired her when she revealed that she would resign in two weeks. Here’s what happened.

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Commenters offer support for the fired woman
Source: TikTok/@deadbeatdad420

A woman gave a two weeks notice and her employer fired her on the spot.

Offering a two weeks notice before quitting a position is standard protocol for most jobs in the U.S. However, that doesn’t mean employers always respect their employees’ wishes.

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In her viral video, the creator shared that after informing her job that she would resign in two weeks, her boss fired her right then and there. “Handed in my [two] week resignation today for a job I’ve been at for [two] years,” the TikTok user revealed in her video.

“As a thank you for giving notice, they fired me on the spot.” After dedicating two years of her time and energy to a company that would pull such a disrespectful move, other users were shocked and couldn’t believe the tastelessness of the situation.

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“Don’t understand how employees are required to give [two] week notices, but companies can fire you on the spot,” one person pointed out.

Fortunately for the creator, other users who had been in similar scenarios had no shortage of helpful tips and tricks about how to navigate the unforeseen circumstances.

People urged the recently fired woman to file for unemployment.

The beauty of social media is that people never fail to offer helpful advice when they learn of other peoples' misfortunes. And the TikTok comment section came to the creator’s rescue when she revealed her boss immediately fired her when she provided a two weeks notice.

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Their number-one tip? Filing for unemployment as soon as possible.

“Unemployment bb!!” one user urged. “But make sure to file ASAP.” In an ironic turn of events, the creator’s employer would end up worse off by impulsively firing her upon receiving news of her resignation.

Others vehemently agreed. “Collect that unemployment yasss,” another person said.

However, there were two schools of thought when dealing with the concept of a two weeks notice.

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While many believed that the creator’s situation was a blessing in disguise, some went as far as to say that giving employers a heads-up about an impending resignation wasn’t even necessary.

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“I quit on the spot over text at my last job because they didn’t deserve a [two] week notice,” one user shared. “Most jobs don’t.”

Another person shared a tip that could save future employees at the creator’s former workplace from the same fate.

“Make sure to write that in your Glassdoor review so people know not to put in their two weeks there,” they said. Someone else insinuated that no amount of notice suffices in most workplaces.

“Remembering when I gave 2 MONTHS notice and they said I didn’t give enough notice," the user recalled.

The key takeaway? Always expect the worst when quitting a job and make sure you have a game plan in case the worst occurs.

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