"The Concierge Wouldn’t Call the Fire Department" — A Woman Passes Out in a Stuck Elevator

In a trio of TikTok posts that have gone viral, a woman passes out in a stuck elevator as people urge building reps to call emergency services.

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Aug. 16 2023, Published 5:22 p.m. ET

One of the most traumatic experiences anyone can go through is being stuck in an elevator. For starters, some folks suffer from claustrophobia, aka an intense fear of closed spaces.

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Others fear possibly being stuck in an elevator for an extended period without proper resources which can be harmful to their health. In other words, some fear the worst becoming reality.

So, when a TikTok user shared a series of three videos with a woman passing out in a stuck elevator, folks online were upset. Here’s the 4-1-1.

A person pressing an elevator button
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A TikTok video shows a woman that passed out in an elevator.

This is where we say karma is nothing to play with. In an Aug. 13, 2023, TikTok video, creator @furqanparekh0 shared a series of videos that show a woman passing out in a stuck elevator in Toronto. The caption in one of the videos mentions that the folks on the elevator didn't have any cell phone service of Wi-Fi.

In the first video, you see a man pressing the call button on the elevator as he speaks to building personnel. The man confronts them about failing to call the fire department and other emergency services.

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“The procedure for security on site is to do that,” a woman responds on the other end of the line. “I let them know about that and how you’re feeling. I also let them know about the ETA and there is no ETA available. I can’t give you something I do not have.”

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The man then asks the building personnel worker to call the fire department, but she says that they would have to wait for the technicians to arrive.

The man accuses her of not calling the fire department because of a $10,000 cost. And while the woman doesn’t discredit his statement, she says that she “has to keep the call line clear.”

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In the second video, a woman in an orange outfit who was seated next to the gentleman is laid out on the floor of the elevator on top of cleaning supplies. She has seemingly passed out. Another man on the stuck elevator is checking her pulse as the call function on the elevator is going off.

The people on the elevator continue to wait patiently to try and get aid for the woman. After a while, a banging sound can be heard.

The third video — which looks like it was uploaded out of order and should have appeared first— shows the woman in orange begging for help so she can get out of the elevator.

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“I need to get out, please, please, please,” the woman says.

The man who first started talking to the building rep shares his disbelief and says that “they don’t care.”

He also tries to speak to them about calling the fire department and the paramedics. He tells the building rep that "even if it'll cost much more to call the fire department, you can't be cheap now."

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TikTok users are livid and are calling for the gentleman to pursue a lawsuit.

The fact that the building personnel did nothing to try and help the folks in the elevator while they were stuck speaks volumes. In an unusual occurrence, viewers on Tiktok were aligned in their outrage.

“If they refuse to provide emergency services, that could be a lawsuit, I’m just saying, I don’t know,” one person commented.

The creator also shared in the comments that after 90 minutes, the woman passed out and they forced the building reps to call 911.

“I’ve been stuck on an elevator and I suffer from claustrophobia and have a panic disorder. I know how she feels. 😩,” another person shared.

Judging by the videos of how this incident unfolded, all of the people in that elevator have a strong case for a lawsuit. SMH.

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