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16 Types Of Guys Who Think They're Nice But Are Really, Really Not

16 Types Of Guys Who Think They're Nice But Are Really, Really Not
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Updated 4 months ago

We've all met the Nice Guy. The guy who thinks all the other guys, the ones dating the girls they want to date, are bad boys who don't treat the ladies nice. The Nice Guys are gentlemen. Gentlemen who will call you a slur if you don't send nudes.

The Nice Guy comes in so many flavors as the subreddit /r/NiceGuys documents in excruciating detail. They're just pissed off about so much stuff.

Nice Guys who think they deserve sex at discount pricing:

The Ones who jump on any excuse to feel wronged:

The Nice Guys who think other guys are bad, but they're actually looking at themselves:

Unfashionable Nice Guys:

Poetic Nice Guys:

Nice Guys who specifically have a problem with teens (too sexy):

Nice Guys who tip you off before you even meet them, which is actually very nice:

Nice Guys who really don't get it:

Throwback Thursday Nice Guy; he is timeless:

Nice Guys with bad timing:

Nice Guys who don't get nuance:

The intellectual Nice Guy:

The self-deprecating Nice Guy:

The surprise Nice Guy:

The cheap Nice Guy:

But worst of all, in my humble opinion, is Asterisks Nice Guy:

Please, stay away from the Nice Guys! Regular guys are much, much better.

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