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Mom Gets $16 Million After Nurses Pushed Her Baby Back In During Delivery


Caroline Malatesta and her husband J.T. have just been awarded $16 million in a lawsuit filed against Brookwood Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. The couple claim that nurses tried to delay the birth of their child by pushing their baby back into Caroline's vagina. Yes, it's as absurd as it sounds.

The Malatestas chose Brookwood as the place to have their fourth child in 2014 because it promoted natural childbirth, along with access to birth tubs, wireless fetal monitoring and the ability to walk around during labor. After having three children prior, she knew how uncomfortable childbirth can be and wanted some freedom during the labor. She was also pulled in by their fancy advertising...  

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But the baby came a little earlier than expected, and at the time, Malatesta's doctor was not on call. When her water broke, the nurses tried to get Malatesta to stop pushing, which is easier said than done. Malatesta then tried to labor in a more comfortable position on her hands and knees, which she'd discussed with her doctor. But she says the nurses forced her on to her back.

Then, instead of letting the child be delivered, one tried to keep the baby from being born until the doctor arrived by literally pushing it back inside her vagina. Malatesta estimated that this went on for six minutes until a doctor arrived, her son was born a minute later.