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Woman Gets Revenge On Her Ex By Sending Nudes To His Teenage Son


Oftentimes, we wish the best for our exes. We want to see them happy. We want to see them succeed, especially if we were the ones who wanted to end things in the first place. 

But every so often, we'll see an ex of ours that'll make our blood boil, and the very last thing we want to see is them happy. And if they are, well RIP to any of the loved ones in your life because dealing with you for the next few hours is not going to be fun. 

And some people go so far as to get back at their ex in petty ways: they go out with more attractive people and make sure to take plenty of selfies and blast them online. 

 Or they do what this Iowa woman did: send nudes to their teenage son in what has to be the creepiest/pettiest form of vengeance ever.