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Guy Pulls Amazing Prank On Neighbor Using Their Unprotected WiFi Printer



Twitter user Blake Messick was trying to print something off recently when he noticed that his neighbor had gotten a new wireless printer and forgotten to set his password. So Messick decided to play an innocent prank on his not-so-tech-savy neighbor by convincing him that his password had become self-aware... 

"My neighbor just got an unsecured wireless printer, so I sent this to him," Messick wrote under a photo of a document that reads, "Hello. I am your printer. I have become self-aware. Run."

Apparently the prank worked so well that the neighbor decided to throw out the printer... 

And Messick decided not to let the opportunity go to waste... by taking the printer for himself. What an evil genius.

People were pretty impressed that this actually worked out so well... 

But there were one or two people who thought what he did was over the line. Like this person:

"This is criminal and disingenuous, please take it back and apologize."

Some Twitter users even accused Messick of making the whole thing up, claiming that the image of the trash on the curb was Photoshopped. One user wrote, "My 8 year old brother could photoshop better than this smh." Another added, "bro this story is fake hahahaha i found the pic of the printer lmaoo."

Some people have way too much time on their hands. Whether or not it's fake, it reminds us of a particularly great "Office" episode in which Jim manages to send Dwight faxes from his future self. That's one prank we'll never forget. 

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